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About Foodbank Queensland

Imagine not knowing where your next meal will come from.
That’s the reality for thousands of Queensland families who are facing hunger right now.

But you can help!

Start your fundraiser today to help the thousands of children, individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing hunger in our state and need your support.

How Does foodbank fight hunger?

We support 150,000 people from more than 70,000 households each week, in partnership with with over 300 frontline charities. 

We feed 33,000 children on a weekly basis, providing food to more than 300 School Breakfast Programs.

We source and rescue over over 14 million kilograms of food each year. Enough to provide 25 million meals! 

Queensland families you're supporting

Families like Mitch’s need your help

Meet Mitch and his family, who are courageously facing a daily battle amid the cost of living crisis. His story sheds light on the stark reality that so many Queensland families are enduring, silently struggling to put food on the table.

After years of trauma, Melissa was going hungry.

After enduring years of domestic violence, while fighting to keep her family together, Melissa was left with a devastating brain injury. With no means of income and only a small disability pension, it was often only enough to pay for her therapy and medications. 

Floods left Andrea with no home or food for her children.

When devastating floods hit her hometown Andrea and her children lost everything - the family home was destroyed, and all their food and belongings were ruined. As a young single mum, Andrea didn’t know how she would feed her children. 

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